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When Microsoft launched Windows Live, they united a host of applications under a single banner. The aim was to create a forum where people could network, build relationships and share ideas over the internet. Westcoast Icons & Design was called upon once again to deliver professional custom icon design services based on the company’s proven reputation for quality icons, business icons, application icons and excellence as an icon agency. To undertake this sophisticated and delicate task, we gathered icons that were well understood by all. Then we modernized them.

Another challenge was to make the icons compatible with custom Windows Vista icons and the custom Office 2007 icons. Our icon design company was paramount because of our involvement in both previous professional software icon design projects. The result was an integrated and visually stunning suite of custom toolbar icons and custom menu icons for the following applications:

  • Messenger
  • Hotmail
  • Mail
  • OneCare
  • Workspace
  • Spaces
  • Calendar
  • Photogallery
  • Family Safety
  • Writer

Note: We did not handle the design of the application icons.

Microsoft Live Messenger Screenshots Microsoft Live Hotmail Screenshots Microsoft Live Mail Screenshots
Microsoft Live OneCare Screenshots Microsoft Office Live Workspace Screenshots Microsoft Live Spaces Screenshots
Microsoft Live Calendar Screenshots Microsoft Live Photo Gallery Screenshots Microsoft Live Family Safety Screenshots
  Microsoft Live Writer Screenshots
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