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Other Microsoft Icon Projects

Here at Westcoast Icons & Design we have worked on many of Microsoft’s diverse international projects. To fulfill their need for new custom windows icons we have shown we are able to work within the parameters of many different styles and formats. This has showcased our ability to not only conceptualize and innovate, but also to replicate and develop existing designs over many applications and operating systems.

During these many diverse projects our icon designers produced; icon packages, business toolbar icons, online icon designs, custom icons for Windows Vista, OS icons, mobile software icons, custom buttons, custom menus, custom software toolbar icons, custom web icon designs, custom mobile icons, network icons and taskbar icons. This work proved our icon agency’s wide range of capabilities as icon designers and is testament to the ability and innovative nature of our icon design professionals. Our custom icon designs are featured in Microsoft’s weather sites and on mobile, server, educational and retail applications. These projects once again showcased our ability to adapt as required by individual product groups.

We produced icons for the following applications:

  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Windows Mobile
  • Point Of Sale
  • Live Meeting
  • Weather
  • SQL Server
  • Montego
  • Dynamics
  • Knowledge Server
  • Math
  • Office Manager
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