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Benefits of Westcoast Icons & Design
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Icon Design & Re-Design Services

Icon Design

Our most notable projects are also the world’s most widely used software applications. Microsoft Office 2003, 2007, 2010 and Vista form a special place in our portfolio. We have also designed thousands of icons for non-Microsoft applications. Having worked with software leaders from around the world, we offer a service that sets the standard in icon design. Professional icons convey their function quickly and intuitively, making an application easier to use. Poorly designed icons can actually reduce the usability of software. A confusing product is an unprofessional product.

At Westcoast Icons & Design we pride ourselves on not only being the premium professional icon design company, but also on how we build strong relationships with other leading user interface companies. This ability has delivered superior customer satisfaction and fulfillment for an array of the world's largest and most successful companies. We, as the designers, can make your visions become reality.

Icon Re-Design

Are your icons stranded in early 2000?

Or worse yet... the 1990s?

Westcoast Icons & Design will create a fresh, intuitive style that will give your software a professional appeal while enhancing usability.

Are your software needs distinct from other applications and operating systems

We can produce something highly original or build on your existing style.

Have you seen a style that would be ideal for your software?

We, the custom icon makers can mimic that style and create new custom icons for your software.

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