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  • Specialists in development and creation of business oriented icons
  • We have set global design standards (i.e.: Designed the branding for the Microsoft Office 2003 icons, Office 2007 icons, and Office 2010 icon styles)
  • 25+ vast and productive years of combined icon design and consulting experience
  • One of the first for internet searchable custom icon design services (since 1994)
  • You work with us directly – the icon designers
  • Accessible customer service
  • In-house correspondence and designing
  • Guaranteed delivery within budgets and deadlines
  • Flexible schedules with full client support
  • Top-notch skills with competitive icon pricing
  • Experience with all types of software applications
  • Royalty free forever
  • Able to mimic any existing style or create a brand new one
  • Tax free outside of Canada
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