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The Custom Icon Design Company.

If You Work On A Computer, You Use Our Icons.

Defining Our Role

Professional, intuitive, cutting-edge. Our business is custom icons and our product is excellence. We have defined world standards in icon design. Leading the industry is part of our culture. If you’re looking for a huge professionally designed icon set, or just a few icons, we can tailor a package to fit your budget.

We have worked on the largest custom icon design projects in the world. Testimony to our work at the top end of the custom icon design industry is our 10+ years of experience developing custom Microsoft icons. We, the icon designers, have worked on the Office suite, Internet Explorer, Vista and  Windows 7 and this is but scratching the surface of our work with the industry leader. We are proud to say that approximately 1 billion people use our custom icons everyday.

Examples Of Our Work

Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery View Gallery 1 Examples
Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery
Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery Westcoast Icons & Design Gallery

The Microsoft Office Ribbon

Our flagship is the Microsoft Office Ribbon. Open any Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010 application such as Word, Excel, Outlook or Powerpoint and you are exposed to our icon design services portfolio. The Ribbon is the common banner of icons at the top that by now will be second nature to you. We’ve evolved this toolbar icon set over the years to become a stylish and ultra user-friendly quality icon set.

Microsoft Ribbon Example 1 Microsoft Ribbon Example 2

The Passion For The Perfect Design

Through decades of combined icon design service experience, we know what metaphors work, and offer incomparable artistic and production skills at our custom icon design company. Our experience and expertise of knowing what to draw for your custom icons is what sets us apart. We will give a consistent visual weight and style across your application while highly improving the visual communication of it. We make software functionality easy to identify and learn which leads to less user training and support.

Partnering On Projects

Below are clients that made the most of their software icon designs and interfaces by partnering with us. We are the professional custom icon design company that has the technical expertise, creative vision, and passion to get the job done right.

Westcoast Icons & Design Clients

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